Warranty Policy

Warranty coverage
Tubulus guarantees the proper mechanical and electrical functioning of its products for a period of 2 years. This warranty includes parts and labour. This warranty is not automatically transferable; subsequent owners can request a warranty at the Tubulus factory. If not the warranty will be limited to a period as required by national law only.

Warranty exclusions
• Transportation damage, visible or hidden. Damage should be reported immediately to the transport company.
• Damage due to illicit handling and inappropriate use. (see connecting instructions)
• Damage due to the fact that the length of the cable appeared to be chosen too short.
• Transportation costs to factory.
• Damage through unauthorized repair and/or modification.
• Subsequent damage to other appliances.
• Refund of costs in case of unauthorized repair.
• Malfunctions caused by use for commercial purposes.
• All claims on Tubulus products obtained through unauthorized sources.