Connecting Instructions

General connecting instructions
The signal direction of the cable is indicated by arrows >>> near the Tubulus logo.
When removing Tubulus cables from audio equipment always apply force on the plug, not on the cable.
After connecting a Tubulus cable it’s best to move the cable as little as possible.
Beware not to bend or twist a Tubulus cable in a forced manner.
Make sure that the cable hangs freely so that no force is exerted on the plug.
Support the cable when needed.
Do not move any audio component when the cable is still connected.
Do not connect or disconnect any cable while the power of any component is still on.

With Tubulus interconnects the left side is labelled black and the right side is labelled purple.

Speaker cables
With Tubulus speaker cables – is labelled black and + is labelled purple.

I2S cables
Tubulus i2s cables are not suitable as a regular video hdmi cable.

Dual head usb cables
The Tubulus Argentus USB Cable V3 Dual Head has two usb-a plugs. The black plug is for audio and the purple plug for power.

Burn-in time
A brand new Tubulus cable needs quite some playing time to reach maximum result. So don’t worry if the first few hours don’t meet your expectations.